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About Sylvia's Legacy

We began back in 1996 under the Sylvia name with a small collection of a few hundred graphics. Since then we have been adding thousands of images to our  archives every year, and we are happy to present them for your downloading. As mentioned, they are all tweaked for clarity, some having been hand-repainted from heavily damaged originals. It has always been hard to find these images in good shape, and it is our pleasure to present you with high quality versions.


We are especially proud of our Maidenform I Dreamed series, and we are nearing a complete set in the inbox. We approached the company back in the early 90's about the availability of reprints, and they did not respond. So far as wee can tell, even they no longer have clean originals. This was one of the longest-running and most successful ad campaigns in history, and these images deserve the attention we are giving them.

If you have damaged rarities, we would  be happy to accept them for repair, and will do this work as soon as time permits - assuming we do not already have the item in the queue. We also perform restorations on antique photos, and this is a specialty service we perform for other websites, including We do not charge, but we happily accept contributions in return for the favor, so contact us for details!

Have fun browsing!

-Sylvia Marie & Henrik Corith (webmaster)

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